All production process is managed strictly to ensurehigh productivity, flexibility, and no error and excellent quality.

  • Planning

    The characteristics of products are analyzedcomprehensively, followed by the planning of the overall production methods for the printing and post-processing and determination of appropriate facilities, and then, the confirmation is made by the customer and developer, along with the negotiation on the production schedule, etc.
  • Development

    The products made through new development undergo the prior-checking process to explore and confirm various approaches to the problem-solving, along with the introduction of various materials. It is an essential process to validate the quality, etc. Proper plating is made manually or automatically, finalizing the preparation for the perfect printing.
  • Printing

    Using the super-precision 7-color UV offset machine, the high quality printing is performed swiftly through the highly-skilled ability of operators. In addition, the product packagingprinting is completed delicately n the optimized environmentsuch as the pleasant work environment system and spacious work area, etc.
  • Post-processing

    The post-processing, which involves the eco-friendly laminating, paper powder prevention electric Thomson, gold/silver foil stepping, automatic paper folding, etc., is managed precisely to ensure the high quality. The perfect finalization process for the quality-centric post-processing operation is achieved based on the strong sense of responsibility.
  • Inspection

    The case and printing which are completed undergo total inspection in an attempt to identify the defective products at the earliest and prevent the defective products from being supplied to the production site so as to ensure that customers do not need to conduct the inspection of product.