We care capable of various paper package tasks and always produce high quality and stable products.

  • Single case

    • It is the rectangular box that can be commonly found in the surrounding area, and has the most universal shape.
    • All production process are automated, making the mass production easy and decreasing the unit cost
    • It is used for cosmetics, health foods, pharmaceutical products, etc
  • PET case

    • The printing is made on the transparent PET and PE materials, and enables various shapes for showing the inside of the case
    • Gift set, special products
  • Carton box(wrapping)

    • The product produced by combining the printing paper with the hardboard paper
    • Used for gift sets and planning sets
  • High quality carton(paper folding)

    It is applied to the products which are more delicate and sophisticated than the carton(wrapping)

    • It involves difficult operation procedures and therefore the unit cost is high and the production takes longer time.
    • High quality product, special product
  • Paper tube (cylindrical)

    • It is produced by combining the cylindrical hardboard with the printing paper
    • It can protect the containers.
    • High quality products such as teas and liquors
  • Advertisement/banner(POP)

    • It is produced by applying the printed textile to the thick materials and adjusting to the structure suitable for the place of application.
    • It is used for advertising or promotion purposes
  • Special shopping bag

    • The handle is attached by combining the printing paper.
    • It is applied to various products.